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Crawler Mobile Crushing Station

Dongmeng introduces a new type of crawler mobile crushing station developed by foreign technology. It has hydraulic driving mode, self-provided power and stable performance. It integrates feeding, crushing and conveying process equipment.

01. Vision

Committed to becoming an internationally leading mining equipment manufacturer, establishing a high-end large-scale crushing equipment supply chain integrating quality, service and technology.

02. Carried Out

Without execution, everything is empty talk. The success of the team is not so much determined by decision-making, but by execution. The strategy is correct, the plan is perfect, and the plan is meticulous. If no one takes it seriously, its value is zero. Execution "obey the law": only those who will obey today can be qualified to command tomorrow.

03. Mission

Create value for customers (Insist on honesty, provide high-quality talents, technology, products and services to the market, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and customers)

04. Team

(there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team) no perfect individual means that there is no perfect person, everyone has their own short board, but also has their own strengths. A perfect team is to give full play to everyone's strengths, and make up for everyone's short board, then it can invincible!

05. Create

Team creation is the result of collaboration among many people, not individual achievements. Only with consistent goals and full cooperation can we continuously improve the creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the team.

Fixed Crushing Host Equipment

A full range of crushing host equipment, including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, etc., to meet the needs of various materials crushing.


Supporting auxiliary equipment includes feeder, screening machine, sand washing machine, dust removal equipment, iron remover, electric control, etc.

Our Solutions

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Manganese ore processing plant

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Granite stone processing plant

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Construction Recycle Plant

Construction Recycle Plant

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